One Saturday afternoon my dad and I went for a drive in his NSX and oh boy, what a car! It’s a 94′ and still has all of it’s original character. It makes some noises you wouldn’t think is normal, but for it’s age it’s normal and it still drives really well. At the time when this car was first released, early 90’s, other exotic car companies like Ferrari and Lamborghini were building very unreliable cars. Honda gave them a bit of a wake up call with this modestly priced, Japanese sports car. It was the first production car ever to have an all aluminum body making it quite unique and it was actually reliable enough to drive everyday, but was still fast and very fun to drive.

Anyway, I wanted some original pictures for my website instead of using others peoples work so I took a number of pictures while we were out. I’m definitely not a photographer, in fact this was my first time trying to take ‘good’ pictures with a DSLR. It was a cloudy day, which I read is perfect for taking pictures of cars, so that was good (apparently). It was quite fun and it made me wish I had my own DSLR; I was using my brothers. Here’s a number of my pictures bellow.