Church at Home is a ministry of Forward Church. This site live streams their Sunday morning services every week.

The site is still in progress, but it’s nearing completion. I’ve really enjoyed working on it thus far because it has some unique parts that I’ve never had the chance to build before. Some of these parts include, a countdown timer that needs to start a live stream when it finishes, a simple chat box for viewers to use to chat, and some controls for an admin to control the stream (stop it at the end) and block chat users who are abusing the chat feature.

The countdown wasn’t really difficult, I just needed to determine the date for the next Sunday and I used a jQuery plugin to make the countdown functional. There is also an option to over-ride the the time it starts so they can stream events at any time.

The chat was interesting to build. I kept it fairly simple, each message is saved in the database and then other clients are just polling the DB. When polling, the client sends back the most recent message ID it has received and the server will return on the messages that come after it.

The site is also responsive and the stream works on phones and tablets as well as computers.