Hello! I am Quinn.

I build web things during the day and at night I’m climbing indoor boulders, riding my bike, drinking coffee, hanging out with friends & family, or serving at Forward Church.


I am a Web Application Developer with 8+ years of experience in responsive front-end development and light back-end development.

Currently I am working for Dejero Labs in Waterloo, Ontario focusing primarily on front-end development and aiming to give our customers a great user experience.

Dejero is an innovative company that provides ground breaking technology to the broadcast and connectivity industries. It has been great learning, growing, and contributing to the web team here and I look forward to what’s in store.

At Dejero I’ve gained experience in several areas:

  • Working with Mongo DB
  • Using Ruby on Rails for the backend
  • Creating Object-Oriented SCSS & using Tachyons
  • Using the modern Angular 2 JavaScript framework
  • Creating JS unit tests with Jasmine
  • Creating Ruby on Rails unit tests with RSpec
  • Performing UX design & development activities


I’m an energetic, active person, and I enjoy indoor bouldering, which is a discipline of rock climbing, and mountain biking. I also enjoy drinking good coffee and getting a round of Fortnite in with friends. 

Lastly I enjoy serving at Forward Church as a youth leader and try to keep up with the teenagers of the Radiate youth group.