Hello! I am Quinn.

I build web things during the day usually in Waterloo and when I’m not doing that I’m likely riding my mountain bike, climbing indoor boulders, drinking coffee, hanging out with friends & family, or serving at Forward Church.


I am a Web Application Developer with 3+ years of experience in responsive front-end development and light back-end development using MySQL and Php. Credit for that experience comes from the fabulous Lucid Digital Media in Cambridge, Ontario.

Currently I am working with Ruby on Rails and AngularJS daily as a developer for Dejero in Waterloo, Ontario. Dejero is an amazing company that provides ground breaking technology to the broadcasting industry and it’s been my pleasure and a great privilege to work along side such dedicated and talented people.


I like to drink coffee, americano’s specifically, and eat chocolate. Mountain biking, indoor bouldering (discipline of rock climbing), and keeping up with teens are my favourite ways to exhaust my energy, which I have a lot of. Lastly, serving at Forward Church is always a highlight of my week. I am an active volunteer at Forward and I enjoy serving with the Radiate Youth Group.